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Для работы требуется электричество. Поддерживает постоянную работоспособность криокапсул!
Тип Хранилище
Прочность 20 000
Слоты инвентаря 72
Топливо Электричество
Вес 4
Добавлено в Патч 285.104
Команда Призыва
cheat GFI CryoFridge 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Extinction/CoreBlueprints/Items/PrimalItemStructure_CryoFridge.PrimalItemStructure_CryoFridge'" 1 0 0
Требуемый Уровень Уровень 88
Очки Энграмм 60 ОЭ
Опыт Изготовления 146 XP
Время Изготовления
Создаётся в Тек Репликатор
Требуемые Станции Refining Forge.png Плавильная Печь
Fabricator.png Станок

The Cryofridge is a structure in ARK: Survival Evolved.

Общее[править | править код]

The Cryofridge stores and charges Cryopods and allows them to last forever when powered.[1] Can be powered by either a Tek Generator or from an Electrical Outlet being powered by either a Windturbine or Electrical generator. It can be placed on a foundation or on the ground.

A Cryofridge can be placed on any foundation structure or can be placed directly on the ground similar to troughs and Tek Generators

When a Creature is Cryofrozen in a powered Cryofridge, the Creature will gain more passive XP, gaining approximately 75 XP per hour.

Примечания[править | править код]

  • Decay Timer: 40 Days
  • The decay timer (on servers that have this enabled) is longer than tek structures, as such for long term absence from PvE it may be a smarter decision to place a Tek Generator and cryofridge(s) on the natural ground instead of on a structure as any foundation structure will decay before the Cryofridge does.
  • A Cryopod placed in a Cryofridge will charge at the same speed as it would decay in the player inventory.
  • Cryofridge was once Extinction-exclusive engrams. This was changed with the release of Valguero map, becoming accessible in all maps. The requirement to craft in Tek Replicator did not change, however.

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