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Органический Полимер

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Органический Полимер
Organic Polymer.png
Это невероятно прочное, легкое вещество, добываемое противоестественным образом из определенных существ. Употребление в пищу человеком фатально для его здоровья.
Тип Ресурс
Инструмент Деревянная Дубина
Существо Пелагорнис
Падает с
Расходник (значения для людей)
Здоровье -500
Вес 0.25
Размер стака 20 / 10
Портится за 30м
Добавлено в Патч 223.0
Команда Призыва
cheat GFI Polymer_Organic 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Resources/PrimalItemResource_Polymer_Organic.PrimalItemResource_Polymer_Organic'" 1 0 0

Organic Polymer is a naturally obtained resource that can be used as a direct substitute of Polymer for the purposes of crafting.

It can be harvested by killing Kairuku, Mantis, Hesperornis and Karkinos. It can also be acquired as a loot drop from Deathworm and Corrupted Creatures. It spoils in thirty minutes.

The Wooden Club and the Sword also increases the yield of Organic Polymer.

With the addition of the Achatina (snail) to the tamable creatures you can harvest Organic Polymer from the tamed beast along with Cementing Paste. While the Organic Polymer is left in the Achatina its spoil time is increased to 1hr 30mins. You can replace Organic Polymer into the Achatina after being removed.

Using the Industrial Grinder, grinding objects that would give polymer, give organic polymer instead.

Organic Polymer can also be used as a "suicide pill." When consumed it does 500 damage to the player, which will kill most players instantly.

Gathering[править | править код]

Органический Полимер
Существо / ИнструментРейтинг добычи
Деревянная Дубина★★★★★
Сумчатый Лев★★★★★

Moschops is actually better if used with high Harvesting Points into organic polymer.

Organic Polymer drops from the following creatures:

Weight Reduction[править | править код]

The following creatures reduce the weight of Organic Polymer by the listed amount while it is in their inventory:

Существо Уменьшает на
Аргентавис 50%

Крафт[править | править код]

The parts of the Ghillie Suit can be crafted only with Organic Polymer. Everything crafted with regular Polymer can be crafted with Organic Polymer.

Полный список деталей произведенных с полимером

Video Tutorial[править | править код]

Quick tutorial on how to get/make polymer.

Примечания[править | править код]

  • It does no harm when fed to creatures.
  • You can put it into a Preserving Bin but it will not make the Organic Polymer last longer. You can't place it into a Refrigerator.
  • On Valguero, organic polymer can be obtained by hitting the beached Ichthyosauri on the beach.