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Данной статье требуется перевод. Вы можете помочь, расширив данную статью с помощью перевода на русский язык.
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There are numerous apps and websites for ARK: Survival Evolved that help with certain tasks in the game, e.g. calculators for crafting or taming, creating ini-files or converting images for ingame-painting. Here's a list of these resources, sorted alphabetically.


Taming Calculators

Breeding Calculators

Crafting Calculators

Server Settings

Mobile Apps

These mobile apps mostly contain a collection of tools like a taming calculator, crafting calculator, webresources etc.

Desktop Apps

A useful program that let's the user edit both the Game.ini and the GameUserSettings.ini files as well of options that modifies Engram resources, Beacons, and dino Spawn Entries (where specific dinos are assigned to spawn points).
The Beacon Editor is a simple code generator that features an easy to use item selection template, that let's users choose the probability of how often and/or how many times a particular item or item groups appear in a Loot drop or Beacons


For tools and resources related to painting, see Painting.