Тканевая Рубашка

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Этот предмет входит в комплект Тканевая Броня.

Тканевая Рубашка
Cloth Shirt.png
Обеспечивает некоторую защиту от жары и холода, и минимальную защиту от травм.
Тип Ткань
Рейтинг брони 10.0
Защита от холода +8.0
Защита от тепла +15.0
Вес 1
Прочность 25.0
Команда Призыва
cheat giveitemnum 18 1 0 0
cheat GFI ClothShirt 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Armor/Cloth/PrimalItemArmor_ClothShirt.PrimalItemArmor_ClothShirt'" 1 0 0
Находится в Маяках Белый
Требуемый Уровень Уровень 3
Очки Энграмм 3 ОЭ
Опыт Изготовления 1.6 XP
Используется для 0 предметов
Используется для создания 0 предметов
Создаётся в Инвентарь
Список ресурсов
Used to purchase 0 items
Used to purchase 0 items

Overview[править | править код]

A Cloth Shirt is a Chest-slot armor piece from the first tier of Armors, Cloth. It's low material cost makes it easy for beginners to craft, although the Engram Point cost is notable.

Aside from providing rudimentary protection, the Cloth Shirt (as well as the rest of the Cloth Armor set) is notable for reducing the effects of both Hot & Cold temperatures. This feature is unique to all the currently available Armor pieces.

Because of its temperature-negating properties and light weight, experienced players are recommended to carry a Cloth Shirt in their inventory to switch out with their primary armor during extreme Heat and/or Cold. This is especially helpful during long excursions from the player's base, where otherwise the player would be devoid of temperature-controlling elements.

Dyes/Coloring[править | править код]

Like most Armors, Cloth Shirts can be dyed different colors. It has four (4) different regions that can be colored; one (1) Dye is consumed anytime the player changes the color of a Region.

Remember that Dyed items require repair for continued use; newly crafted items come without any color.