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Dossier Trilobite.pngDossier Trilobite.png
Dossier Trilobite.png
Эти значения могут отличаться от того, что вы видите в игре или в другом месте. Но это то, что говорится в досье.
Общее название
Trilobite conchadurus
Временной период
Early Cambrian-Late Permian
Logo Steam.png 191.0
июль 30, 2015
Logo Xbox One.svg
Logo PS4.svg
Logo Mobile.svg
Logo Nintendo Switch.png
Комманда призыва
admincheat summon Trilobite_Character_C
admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Trilobite/Trilobite_Character.Trilobite_Character'" 500 0 0 35
Вариант Aberrant Trilobite
admincheat summon Trilobite_Character_Aberrant_C
admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Trilobite/Trilobite_Character_Aberrant.Trilobite_Character_Aberrant'" 500 0 0 35
Опыт за убийство
2 XP

Часто             Редко
  Неприручаемые   В пещерах

Your new favorite renewable source of Chitin, Silica, and Oil
~ Drake on Trilobite

The Trilobite (Try-lo-byt) is one of the creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved.

Basic Info[править | править код]

Dossier[править | править код]

В этом разделе представлен точный перевод текста досье, написанного первопроходцем Хеленой. Здесь могут быть некоторые расхождения между этим текстом и положением в игре.


Like most Trilobites, Trilobite conchadurus is an opportunistic carnivore that feeds on anything smaller than itself which it can get a hold of. A sluggish creature, the Trilobite's best defense is its incredibly hard shell. This seems to be a common adaptation for the slower creatures of the Island.

Trilobite is not a very good source of food. The creature seems to be made mostly out of internal organs and its protective carapace. This is good for the trilobite, as both river and ocean predators are less likely to prey on it if there are better options around.


The Trilobite does not seem to have enough intelligence to be tamed. This doesn't mean it has no use among resourceful survivors, however. Found along beaches and in the ocean's shallows, Trilobites are easily one of the best sources of oil, pearl and chitin on the Island, presuming one doesn't wish to venture into the dangerous caves.

~ Хелена

Behavior[править | править код]

Trilobites can be found in shallow water in small groups, and occasionally on beaches. Trilobites do not fight back when hit, which makes them an easy source of chitin (oil and silica are no longer an easy resource to obtain through this method due to the nerf given to the trilobite in Patch 193.0). When a Trilobite is attacked, nearby Trilobites will attempt to flee.

Appearance[править | править код]

A Trilobite is a strange arthropod superficially similar to horseshoe crabs. It has a small, flattened body divided into three segments from front to tail; head, thorax and pygidium. It crawls about on many tiny legs, snuffling the sand for tasty treats. Capable of breathing both air and water, its chitinous exoskeleton protects it from predators.

Color Scheme and Regions[править | править код]

X mark.svg

The Трилобит always spawns with the same color scheme and has no color regions.

This means it is currently impossible to make alterations to the Трилобит's natural spawn colors.

Drops[править | править код]

Using a Pick will yield more Raw Meat and Silica Pearls, while a Hatchet will yield more Chitin and Oil. Pearls and Oil are dropped in much smaller quantities than meat and chitin.

Base Stats and Growth[править | править код]

Обратите внимание, что существа будут иметь другие характеристики в Survival of the Fittest

Базовые Характеристики
Атрибут Сумма на уровне 1 Увеличение на единицу Бонус Приручения
Дикий Прирученный1 Прибавка Мульт
Health.png Здоровье 160 +32 +Ошибка выражения: неопознанное слово «n»%
Stamina.png Выносливость 100 +10 +0%
Oxygen.png Кислород N/A ? ?
Food.png Еда 450 +45 +0%
Weight.png Вес 150 +3 +0%
Melee Damage.png Урон 02 +0 +0%
Movement Speed.png Скорость Передвижения 100% Н/Д3 +0%
Torpidity.png Оглушение 50 +3 Н/Д4

1Проценты основаны на значении характеристики в тот момент, когда существо было приручено (после прибавки эффективности укрощения)
2Здесь вместо процента показан абсолютный Базовый Урон.
3У диких Существ скороть передвижения не повышается
4Оглушение увеличивается каждый уровень у диких существ, но не может быть увеличена после приручения.

Скорость Передвижения
Тип Передвижения Базовая Скорость Спринт Использование Выносливости
Дикий Прирученный
Ходьба 70 210 ? ?
Плавание 200 Н/Д Н/Д Н/Д

Combat[править | править код]

This section describes how to fight against the Trilobite.

General[править | править код]

Trilobites have a slow movement pace, and strangely enough, they can climb any type of mountain, no matter how steep it is! They also do not fight back, so killing them is relatively easy.

Strategy[править | править код]

Be sure to remember to run after first hitting a Trilobite as they will run quite slowly in another direction! Use melee weapons because they are much more effective on this slow enemy. They will most likely go to the closest water source, so be ready. Standing on them with a Saber and killing/harvesting them seems to work very well as they are pinned in place.

Weaponry[править | править код]

Melee is preferred, as ranged is not practical. Also the Diplocaulus has a x5 damage boost on trilobites and it usually kills trilobites in one hit.

Dangers[править | править код]

Since trilobites cannot do damage, they cannot pose any threat to players. Be sure you do not follow one into dangerous areas or off cliffs. One fleeing Trilobite may lead the player to a much less-tolerating angry Spino, which frequent the waterways with the Trilobites. Do not get carried away!

Weakness[править | править код]

They have low health and cannot fight. On occasion, mounts that have crushing abilities will kill them by trotting over them! Most weapons are capable of causing knockback to a Trilobite. If near a water source, use this to your advantage, keeping it from the water where it might escape with its increased swim speed.

Taming[править | править код]

Trilobites can be tamed using Fish Basket (Aberration).png Fish Basket (Aberration). However, despite the dossier mentioning them as "opportunistic carnivore", tamed trilobites do not eat meat, instead eating berries.

Notes/Trivia[править | править код]

Для информации, относящейся конкретно к реальному миру Трилобит, см. соответствующую статью на Wikipedia

  • Its generic name translates to "three lobes", while its specific name translates to "hard shell".
  • The Trilobite has a lot of similarities to the Horseshoe Crab.
  • The Dossier was revealed on the 26th June 2015 on Steam.[1]
  • The Trilobite is perhaps the easiest way to gather Chitin.png Chitin in the game, besides going into caves.
  • The Trilobite is also a good way to get Oil.png Oil and Silica Pearls.png Silica Pearls without getting deeper in the ocean.
  • As of Patch 193.0, the trilobite had its shallow water spawn nerfed as well as its chances of dropping Oil and Silica Pearls nerfed.
  • Trilobite seem to spawn early in the morning along the coast line. If you're not high enough level to go down to the ocean floor, this is a good place to look.
  • Since the trilobite is from the Cambrian period, it is the oldest living species on the island, with the previous holder being Pulmonoscorpius, which is stated to have lived in the Silurian period.
  • "Trilobite" is not a real genus name, but a term given to the whole group known as "trilobites". There are thousands of genera of trilobites known to science, all appearing between 521 - 250 MYA.
  • The Trilobite depicted in the game is very similar to Paradoxides. If this is the true identity of the Trilobite seen in ARK, its true scientific name would be Paradoxides conchadurus.
  • The Trilobite is only tameable through the use of the "Fish Basket" which was released with Aberration.
  • Although the dossier states that the Trilobite is Carnivorous, once tamed it will only consume berries.
  • Trilobites in real life laid eggs, however Trilobites in Ark do not.
  • Trilobites do not produce feces.
  • Helena writes that it does not seem like Trilobites have enough intelligence to be tamed. With her saying it doesn't seem that means Helena isn't sure if Trilobites can or can not be tamed. Also Helena saying that the Trilobites don't have enough intelligence means a tamed one won't be much use.

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